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About The Tournament

The Championships are open to all secondary schools, Further Education (FE) Colleges and Alternative Provision (AP) schools in the UK and are PC-based. Students must be aged 12+ to participate.

Overwatch (12+) is a vibrant first-person shooter. Teams of 6 pick a variety of unique heroes to achieve different map objectives, such as escort the payload and control the point. 

For our new Champs format, the tournament will now be spread over 12 months. Winter Qualifiers will consist of a large group stage where teams will face a variety of opponents and aim to get as many points as possible throughout the season. Teams will then be split into divisions in spring season depending on their position in the leaderboard from the winter qualifiers.

The map pool will be released one week before the season starts.

Each student will need a valid BattleTag for their in-game name on their roster. Please include the full tag in the roster, e.g. BEA#0000.

View the full ruleset here and general rules.


Tournament Format


How do I enter my school/college teams?

Head to “My Account” on the navigation bar and click “register” from the drop down list and complete the form. Please note, only staff members can register for the British Esports Championships on behalf of their students in their respective school or college. Once you have created your account, head to your chosen tournament pages and select “registrations now open” which will take you to team registration. []

Where can I find the rules and regulations?

Click here for the Overwatch ruleset. Click here for the general rules that apply to all tournaments in our Champs. You can also find these rules and regulations under ‘SUPPORT’ on the navigation bar.

What is the cost to enter the Championships?

The entry fee for the British Esports Championships is £25 per school for the year of 2020/21, plus £5 per team, per game, per season (+ VAT).

What are the key dates for the tournament?

Registration for the winter qualifications will open on the 31/08/2020 with registrations closing on the 25/09/2020.

Winter qualifiers will begin on the 07/10/2020 with fixtures closing on the 09/12/2020.

Spring Registrations will open on the 30/11/2020 with registrations closing on the 08/01/2021

Spring Divisions will start on the 20/01/2021 with fixtures closing on the 10/03/2021

How do I find the leaderboards?

Leaderboards will be regularly updated each week in the Tournament pages. You can find them by heading to “tournament” on the navigation bar and selecting “leaderboards”. 

Where do I find the in-game names?

For Overwatch, the in-game name required will be your Battletag. You can find your Battletag ID by clicking on your profile in the top right corner of the client. Read here for more information.

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